Our Vision:
To be a renowned company, catering to a wide customer base, to continually strive towards offering the best quality in service and solution

Purpose and Mission :
Srushti Technologies offers quality solutions to customers. It is concentrating on specializations like an exclusive service center for customers, complete hardware solutions, Customized Application development and customized solutions. Our solutions will significantly contribute to the achievement of our customer's business objectives. Srushti Technologies will measure its success through increased sales, customer and employee satisfaction ratings and reasonable profitability to sustain growth. Srushti Technologies will continuously focus on the quality of its resources and will deliver its commitments/value with integrity and professionalism. Srushti Technologies will strive to be reliable and trusted partners and will earn respect as a preferred partner wherever it does business. Srushti Technologies also strives to offer quality solutions to all its customers on a varied number of platforms and technologies

Company location and facilities :
The registered office of the company is located at Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. We have an office space of 1000 sq.ft. On the whole we have all the facility to run our business in a most efficient manner.

Company Ownership:
Srushti Technologies is a services company, which is situated in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. It's a proprietary concern of Mr Vikram S.R


Our main strategy is emphasis on work that essentially includes an exclusive service center for our clients. Under our market area focus tactic, our programs include emphasis on marketing tools like participation in trade shows, networking with contacts, advertising in conventional media and word of mouth of our customers. Efforts under this direction are already underway. Underneath our up gradation of technology tactic, we have programs like continuous manpower training, procurement of latest hardware and software, deployment of the latest technology and a constant thirst for improvement. Under our client relationship development tactic, we have programs like constant feedback from the client, maintain a constructive dialogue with the client, deliver top quality services and respond diligently to client's potential problem areas. Basically we are bound to add value to a client's business objective. Underneath our knowledge-based asset tactic, we have programs like constant interaction amongst our people and with the experts from the area, a standardized approach to retain knowledge in the organization and finally a proper storage of this knowledge asset for future referrals. This will help us in the long run in minimizing the errors that recur

Management Summary:
The initial management team depends on the proprietor, with a few highly skilled employees. As we grow, we will take on additional people in areas like Marketing, Technology etc. At present we have a strong team of fourteen service engineers on and off field and we have industry experienced strategic advisors who assist the company in key areas of implementation, Management, Policy guidelines and quality processes if the project involves high complexity. Our employees are highly skilled to handle any exigency

Management Team:
Mr. Vikram S.R , is presently handling all functions like HR, Technology and project execution. He is a businessman by profession and has five years of relevant technical and business experience in the IT industry. The advisory team actively assists him on a time-to-time and a case-to-case basis. Employees are given specific tasks based on their creativity, knowledge, experience in the industry and social ability

Successful Management at Srushti Technologies:

Openness and friendly in approach
Trust in customers and employees alike.
Uncompromising attitude for truth and integrity in meeting business needs Without compromising on quality of service
Loyalty to regulations